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You can select among some of the best professional hairstylists in your area.

Device repair

We offer the services of the best professional technicians in your area at the best rate.

Massage therapy

Now you can easily book an appointment with some of the best massage therapists in your area.


Our app instantly connects you to a list of many professionals in your area.

Auto mechanic technician

Find some of the best auto mechanics in your area in minutes.

Home/Office Cleaning

24/7 availability at clients' requested address.

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What do we offer?

We offer various services, done by the professional staff who we call taskers. All our taskers are vetted and background checked. Taskers are available whenever you need them using a 24/7 self-book secure system.

A Seamless Customer Experience

Perfice services help you find the highest quality professionals to help you with your tasks. We can assist you to save time and money and connect you directly to our trusted staff.

There Is No Compromise
In Safety Precautions.

At Perfice, our health and safety measures are strictly defined and are being applied by all our in-home taskers. It comprises Covid-19-specific safety protocols as well as general health and safety requirements with respect to your local regulations. 

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